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All Training Methods are not Created Equal

Training is about learning. Our software development training is the best value we've seen in the industry. Our students learn much more per hour (and per dollar!) than they would using traditional training methods.

What's Wrong with "Traditional" Training Methods?

If you attend a traditional classroom training session, you will likely:

  1. Pay for travel, meals and accommodations for the duration of the training period (often several days).
  2. Pay for a block of generic training, most of which you don't want or need to know.
  3. Lose valuable work time in a hotel room or conference center between sessions.
  4. Go home with a lot of unanswered questions.

If you've been there, you're probably dreading the thought of going through that again. If not, trust me: it's about as much fun as a root canal.

There is a Better Way!

Train with us and you will:

  1. Pay nothing for travel and accommodations. We view your computer screen remotely while on the phone together.
  2. Learn only what you want to know. Each lesson is customized to your immediate need.
  3. Learn at your own pace, at your convenience. You determine session frequency and duration.
  4. Achieve maximum learning efficiency. We call at the specified time, connect to your computer, and you start learning.
  5. Receive all of our attention, 100% of the time. No waiting for an instructor to finally get around to your desk.

Don't Take the Hard Road

There's no reason for you to do training the hard way. Don't spend a lot of time and money on an outdated and ineffective method. Our online training works. It's easy. It's convenient. It's low risk -- try a one-hour session and see how it works for you.

Contact us today with your questions, or to schedule a training session. You'll be glad you did.

Current Course Offerings

Title Description Designed for Hours*
The Software Development Process Learn proven steps to develop great software that will stand the test of time. Anyone who plans to be part of a software development cycle, large or small 5+
FileMaker Pro Learn to develop databases using the best desktop database on the market Novice to Advanced 2+
PHP & MySQL Learn to develop web database applications using the most popular web database configuration Novice to Advanced 6+
Web 2.0: The Internet is All Grown Up Learn what technologies are part of "Web 2.0", and how to utilize them in your organization Novice to Advanced 4+
Using Software to Increase Profits in Your Organization Dispel forever the myth that your IT department is a cost center. Learn why it is a gold mine of untapped profits. Business Owners & Executives 2+
Open Source and (This Means) You! Capitalizing on the Open Source Software Phenomenon in Your Organization Business Owners & Executives 2+
AppleScript Learn to automate a plethora of tasks across multiple applications on your Mac Novice to Advanced 3+
Object Oriented Programming Learn what object oriented programming and design is all about, and how it can benefit any programmer coding in virtually any language Novice to Advanced 3+

* Since every session is tailored to the individual, there is no concrete duration. Hours listed are typical to cover the basics of the topic. Additional time for in-depth coverage is determined by the student.


Training is administered on an hourly basis (Contact us for rate information). There is no cost for additional attendees.