Software: Horizon Software’s Custom Proposal System

We’ve been working with Horizon since Spring of 2000 on their flagship software product, a custom proposal software system, used by major players in the home audio & video industry.

What Horizon does (in their words):

Horizon Software provides high-performance proposal generation, project and customer management solutions specifically designed for the low-voltage system integrator industry. Horizon helps system integrators implement a repeatable, profitable method for selling and delivering custom integration solutions. Founded in 1990 by system integrator, sound recording engineer, and musician Jim Engandela, Horizon today has more than 1000 satisfied users of its industry leading Custom Proposal System and the SmartPartner Suite. In addition, Horizon provides the most advanced, developer-direct technical support available to ensure customers receive the most value from Horizon products.

What we do for Horizon:

Owner Jim Engandela contacted us years ago for programming assistance with their Custom Proposal System.  We were then asked to help design Horizon’s flagship product, the SmartPartner Suite.  We’ve been working together ever since, with Jim as project manager and lead developer, helping to solve the toughest problems he encounters while developing the system.  We worked together for hours every day in the beginning, but now that the software is being used successfully in the field, we schedule meetings once or twice a week to blueprint new features, or examine current issues together.

Some screenshots from the SmartPartner system: