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We offer a number of great services to help you with all of your information needs:

Consulting / IT Management

We're equipped to fully manage our clients' information systems, or advise them as they navigate the complexities of information system design.

Software Development

We can help you plan, design or create new software (or modify your existing software systems) for your local network, web, mobile, and desktop users.

Web Design & Development

Our amazing team is here to offer you true expertise in web design & programming, e-commerce, site traffic and web hosting.

Consulting / IT Management

We advise our clients as they navigate the complexities of information system design, and we develop systems with tomorrow's technology in mind. Here are a few ways we can help move your organization toward a brighter technological future:

Executive IT Management

Information technology requirements are exploding in every business across the globe. Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of your element regarding your IT needs? Know your IT department needs direction and want a seasoned full-time or fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technical Officer (CTO)? Let us fill those roles for you on a contract basis. We are here to help you navigate the difficult waters of technology, and plan for the future.

We can save you lots of headaches, and a boat load of cash in avoided pitfalls. Contact us today to talk about your situation.

Advice for Business Executives

The ongoing success of your business or department is directly linked to the quality of your information systems. Are you currently delivering the information your clients and employees want and need? Do you already know your software system is outdated, or needs to be redesigned? Tired of using the time-consuming, unreliable methods to track your critical business information?

Talk to someone who has vast experience designing information systems. Contact us today, and start down the road toward a positive future for your business information software and systems.

Advice for Software Professionals

Are you a systems designer or developer who needs advice? Not sure what language or platform to employ for your current project? What's your web strategy? What technologies or caveats are you overlooking that will adversely affect your client ongoing? We can save you valuable development time, answering your tough questions and saving rework time later in your project.

With extensive software design and development experience since 1992, we're experts in desktop and web integration, on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. We can give the answers you need to ensure that your information system is the best it can be. Contact us for a free consultation.

Software Development

Our goal is to help you achieve wild success through the use of software technology. Where would you like to start?

Custom Software

In conjunction with our database services, we offer custom desktop and web software design, consulting, programming, and training for desktop and mobile devices.

Software should not be an expense, but a profit center, allowing users to leverage technology against time in order to reduce costs and increase profits. How can your business improve its efficiency and increase its reach and productivity through the effective use of custom software?

We want to explore the possibilities with you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Existing Software

In the real world, no single software package meets every need of any business (even ours!). Where are the chinks between your current software systems? Each of those gaps represents lost revenue potential. Filling those gaps translates into an increase in your bottom line. How big an increase? Let's determine that together, and start moving you toward increased productivity and profitability.

Do you need alterations or support for your existing software systems?. Contact us today to see if we can help.

Info Systems Architecture

No reasonable investor would provide capital to build a building with a banker or doctor as the architect. If you need an app that's designed with the future in mind, team up with a highly experienced software architect.

Solid design creates a lower total cost of ownership during every stage of software life. Well designed software grows with you, providing efficiency, speed, and full opportunity to maximize profit capture/recapture.

A great builder is not automatically a great architect. It doesn't matter how quickly or cheaply you can build software if you have to scrap it in 5 years, hemorrhaging revenues while in transition. We see this more often than perhaps any other problem, when we're called in to add on to poorly designed data systems, or to clean up disasters caused by poor design.

Invest in the design process up front for big future returns. Contact us today to talk about how we can help.

Web Design & Development

Your web presence is more important than ever before, and is integral to your ongoing success. Let us help you deliver the information your team members and clients need.

Mobile & Web Apps

You, your employees, your customers, clients and prospects are all contributors to your organization. Most, if not all of them, are on the web every day. They use it because it's the fastest, most efficient means of information transfer available. How do you want to interface online with these contributors? What do you want to offer them? How you deliver it to them will take the form of one or more web/mobile applications. The better these apps are designed and implemented, the more efficiently and easily your contributors can participate, by buying from you, working with you, growing your organization.

It's our goal to help you build the best web apps possible, to ensure continued success for your organization. Contact us today to talk about the possibilities.

Full Scale Web Design

Big corporations with big budgets have teams of specialists who design and maintain their web sites. Those teams work together to make their corporate web sites powerful and effective. Small to medium sized businesses, and departments within large corporations, rarely have access to such dedicated resources.

To help our clients compete with larger organizations, we have established business relationships with experts in every field that is needed to build your dream web system. Think of us as your web team, regularly working with experts in each web discipline, to build a beautiful, powerful web presence that will stand the test of time.

We want to help you develop an attractive, easy to maintain web presence, which delivers the results you want. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can help, whether you're just getting started or have a site that needs improvement.