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It's Just a Database -- big deal?

Databases are the backbone of today's business, and are the primary component of nearly every business software package. Databases help to make business more efficient, saving time and money by making people more productive.

It's YOUR Database -- YES, big deal!

Your database is one of the most important pieces of software at your business. Over-the-counter products just aren't making the grade? Let us develop a custom database solution to meet the specific demands of your business. Here are some examples of the types of databases we develop:

Local Network/Single-user Databases

Get all the functionality you always dreamed of having: custom reporting, automatic email, scheduling, sales, contact management, and more!

Web Databases

Customer databases, shopping carts, bulletin board systems, remote admin solutions and more, utilizing FileMaker® Pro, MySQL, PHP, Java, JavaScript, XML, AJAX and other technologies.

Mobile Databases

Your database on the go! Allow your people to view and edit data on mobile devices for maximum mobility.