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Hello, I'm Dave Dowling. I've been a software and database developer since 1992. I began programming FileMaker databases while running an auto parts business that I started around that same time. I tried QuickBooks, Peachtree, and a host of other off-the-shelf systems, but nothing I tried was flexible enough to suit my needs. I wanted to be able to customize a system to the way I ran my business, not the other way around. So I started developing my own database, and little by little, I improved the flow and stability of the system. After a few years of tweaking and a lot of studying, I had a finely tuned business tool that allowed me to run my business extremely efficiently!

All of the work I had done on my own database system taught me a great deal about relational database design. It also allowed me to discover what I really wanted to do: develop software solutions to help businesses save time and money. That's what I love to do, and I hope I will be able to do just that for you. I understand what it means to run a business, manage employees and inventory, track sales, pay bills and collect receivables. All of these operations are much easier to handle when you have a good business software solution.

How can I help your business succeed? Contact me today and let's talk about what you need.